Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Affair to Remember

This chick, Cheep-Cheep, got her foot caught in the incubator fan, then got a bit squished, so she's taking some special care. She's recovering nicely but is quite lonely and would happily reside in my hand all day if I let her, so I tried putting another chick in with her for companionship. The other chick kept pecking at Cheep-Cheep's discolored foot and wouldn't leave it alone. Last night, I found this perfect companion in the kid's toybox!

I'm not sure how long this can last, it's cuddly but not very warm, and it doesn't talk back to her... but it's sure cute!

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  1. I find it amazing how critters recognize similarities to themselves and are comforted in it. We see it all the time on our farm...


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