We are thankful to be living our dreams as the owners of an acreage in Northwestern Alberta, Canada.  Our goals in moving here are:

  • To provide our family with fresh and wholesome food.
  • To teach our children where food comes from, and how to produce it.
  • To exhibit a lifestyle of hard work, diligence and commitment.
  • To use what God has blessed us with to bless others.

     We moved to our current location in August, 2008.  Our very first morning here, August 30, we woke up and looked out our curtainless window to see a layer of frost covering the grass.  That was our first reality check as we realized that we live in a frosty valley and gardening here would not be easy! 

    We are excited to share our adventure with others and are happy you have taken the time to check out our blog!

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