Sunday, June 6, 2010

Egg Layers!!

While getting chicks that will eventually lay eggs is exciting, it's even more rewarding to get chickens that are already laying!  We were offered a flock of 24 laying ISA Brown hens, complete with an 8x8' chicken coop, feeder and watering bucket!  The coop was loaded onto a trailer, chickens and all, and moved 4 miles to our yard.  They never skipped a beat, we continued to get between 17 and 24 eggs in the days after the move.

Some of the eggs are just huge! The one on the left is what I would call an extra large egg, the one on the right... OWWW!!

We used some 4' lawn fencing for a temporary fence, but it works so well I think it will become permanent! It doesn't need much support, and is sturdy enough to keep out the dogs and predators. It's more expensive than chicken wire, but it's doing it's job for now!

Fresh eggs are amazing. I love using eggs that are still warm!