Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bathroom facelift

I'm glad I'm a farm girl and used to waiting for the 'house' things to get done when 'the important stuff' is done! I've found it to be true, even on our little farm here! The barn, greenhouse, fencing, chicken coops, garage, and even dogs have taken priority over getting our house renovations completed!

I was able to give the bathroom a fresher look this fall, finally! When we moved into this house 3+ years ago, there was rug in the bathroom. The same dark brown shaggy rug that runs through the hall and living room. No offense to those of you that might think otherwise, but installed rug in a bathroom is just... there are no words, really.

It didn't take long to remove the scungy stuff, exposing the board floor underneath. The boards were unfinished, a little rough, squeaky, and spotted with paint and whatever fluids had come in contact with it over many years. A few strategically placed screws took care of the squeaks, but I struggled with the decision of what to do with it now? Lino? Tile? Paint? The cabinet needed some care too, it was dark brown, with many scrapes and dings in it.

We are planning a major bathroom reno in a few years after the upstairs is done, so I didn't want to invest too much into whatever I was going to do. No decision was reached, and meanwhile I got pregnant, and lost all ambition and energy to do anything with it! Now that baby is a year old, it was time to get it done! I decided to just cover it up with paint, a temporary but cheap solution!

The green I chose for the cabinet is one of the green tones in the marble counter top and sink, and I used an oil-based paint so it will stand up to the moisture better.  The floor is porch and floor paint, also oil-based.  I wish I would have thinned it, while painting the cracks the paint 'bridged' the cracks in some places where the boards were closer together, making those areas very difficult to clean. 

Finally I have a (mostly) cleanable surface, and a completed project!!

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  1. nice work! Don't you just love paint?! It's like the miracle renovating tool

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