Friday, April 23, 2010

Our first Dexters

We bought a Dexter cow, calf, and yearling steer in January, but we couldn't pick them up until the snow melted, and the time finally came!

The cow's registered name is Pioneer Jewel which is a bit of a mouthful, so we call her Julie.

Buttons the steer, Julie the cow, and Tria the calf (her tag number was 3A).

The first meeting between the goats and the cattle:  Goats - curious, Cattle - indifferent.

After researching Dexter cattle for quite some time and calling many breeders and visiting a few farms, we bought a registered purebred cow with a purebred but unregistered calf, and a steer for the freezer.  We learned that they are a dual-purpose breed, meat and milk.  We hope to milk Julie after the calf is weaned, and fatten Buttons up to be butchered for the winter's meat supply.  We understand that Dexters finish very well on grass, with no grain required.  Grass fed beef is higher in Omega 3 fats, so combined with our home-grown veggies, fruit, chicken and honey, we will be eating well this winter!

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